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There are a variety of makeup looks all over the world. Beauty is one of the most focused topic in universe. varies from place to place and person to person. Some people like to keep it simple whereas some like to go for a look. Makeup community is a huge community in itself. Some people believe that makeup ruins their faces so they don’t like to put on any makeup but to be honest from my point of view there’s nothing wrong in applying makeup. We don’t put on makeup because we are fake or insecure. Makeup just enhance our beauty. To highlight our features we use it. Mainly there are three categories of makeup- 


1) Lets start with ‘Simple makeup look’.

It literally varies from person to person. For some people just a eyeliner and some lipstick is enough and they calls it ‘simple makeup look’. Where as some people put on a full face of makeup with neutral lips and eyes and mention it as a ‘simple look’. The most interesting and famous look that people love to put on is the ‘no makeup’ makeup look. People believes that it not only enhances one’s beauty but also makes the skin look healthy and youthful. Looks like these are mostly used in movies and stuff. Do you ever imagine how actresses look so flawless but you can’t even tell they are wearing makeup? Doesn’t it look too natural? Well it is the ‘no makeup’ makeup look. It is one of my favourite look. I’ve even uploaded a tutorial on ‘no makeup’ makeup look on my youtube channel. 


2) Soft Glam Look is one of the prettiest look of all time.

Makeup looks like this is used widely. It makes your face look softly glamorous. Rather than going for heavy smokey eyes, you put on a full face of makeup but with soft colours. One don’t have to go for difficult eyeshadow looks or heavy contour. You can use lesser effort but still look fabulous. Mostly nude shades are used or pinks. I’ll share one picture of my soft glam look below.


3) Glam makeup

One of the most favourite makeup look for the brides all over the worlds. It takes minimum one hour and maximum 5 hours to get done. Stage performance, marriage ceremony, photoshoots etc etc, these are the events where people mostly go for full on glam makeup look. Watch below one of my Glam look.


Makeup artists all over world differentiates the term makeup in these three categories mostly. And if you want any of the mentioned makeup’s tutorials, go check my youtube Channel.

3 Trending Makeup Trends of 2019
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3 Trending Makeup Trends of 2019
Here I'm gonna share with you all the most favourite three looks of 2019 which will surely continue in the coming year 2020! These tips and tricks are everything if you wanna gear up your makeup game.
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Barbie Changmai