Eyeshadow is the main focused part of your face when we talk about a full face of makeup. There are a lot of high end eyeshadow palates which works wonders. But today here I’m gonna discuss about few of my favourite eyeshadow palates. These has a good pigment along with the best quality on the drugstore range.

Drugstore is a broad term to be honest. It has different values for every people. For some people 1500 bucks is what they called a Drugstore range. On the other hand, 1500 bucks is a lot for people such as students (because they have to follow a strict budget) .

So here today I’m gonna share with you a small list of eyeshadow palates under 500 bucks. Which is like ultra affordable if you check the quality of the products.

1) L.A girl Day to Night 12 Eyeshadow Palette.

This has to be on the first because I’m literally obsessed with this palate long time ago. I still remember those days in high school when I use to use this palate to play around with my eye looks. Each of the colours are fairly pigmented which is hard to find in a palate which cost less than 500 bucks.


2) Wet and wild- Rose in the air palette.

I don’t know from where to start. I’m so so so thankful to Nykaa, they bought Wet and wild to India. I have seen bloggers use this famous palate in various videos all over the internet. As soon as I got my hands in it, I was so obsessed with each of the colour. You can create various looks with the help of this palate. From Glam to everyday looks, this palate works wonders! You can also use the shimmery champaign shade as a highlighter to enhance your cheekbones and brow bones. and the transition shade a a contour for your nose. Such a multitasking palate it is. Everyone must own this in there collection. Trust me you won’t regret!!


Blue Heaven signature 6 in one eyeshadow palate

This palate is so so amazing you guys. This range of Blue Heaven have many shades. Out of which this is my favourite one. It retails just for 225 bucks which is like OMG!! On this price range, you won’t even get a good Kajal these days. Blue heaven brand has been my goto since I started makeup. It was my favourite because it was so damn affordable yet works wonders in terms of application.

source: Nykaa