Hello there! Welcome to my page. My name is Barbie Changmai. I’m originally from Assam but lives in Delhi.

Me to be honest, like totally obsessed with makeup and skincare stuff. Skincare is something I’ve learned from my mom. I’ve seen her using homemade stuff such as virgin coconut oil, mustard oil, etc to moisturise her skin. And her skin still looks so healthy and beautiful.

I love experimenting with different makeup looks, you’ll see a lot of them on my Instagram page. Do check that out! 😉

Also my love for fashion and DIY is eternal. I love love love to pair up and play with different outfits. DIY is something I loved doing since forever now to be honest. My first video on youtube was a DIY video. Click here to check it out!

Here on my page, you guys will see content related to makeup, skincare, fashion. lifestyle, travel and life hacks. Stay tuned and follow all my social handles to get updated.

Love, Barbie Changmai <3

barbie Changmai
source: Instagram