morning skincare

Are you curious about how to get start with your morning skincare routine? Don’t you worry!Mornings are always in hurry. Especially for the students and working ladies out there. It’s hard to maintain a good skincare routine on a regular basis. I’m myself face a lot of struggle waking up in the morning and then make breakfast, get dressed, etc etc!! Let’s face it, its always a hectic scene in the morning. But as we know breakfast is an important part of the day, in the same way prepping your skin for the entire day to face the harmful UV rays and to face the humid weather is also very very important the have a healthy skin.

On a regular basis, just use a good face wash and don’t forget your sunscreen and lip balm which has SPF before leaving the house. That’s it. It will hardly take 2 minutes to do this steps. That’s literally mouth for day to day morning skincare.

But at least once a week, you should maintain a strict morning skincare routine in other to heal the skin from the dirt and pollution throughout the week. Below I’m gonna break down some Really very simple steps to pamper your skin on Sunday mornings.

Step one- Face Wash

Use a gentle face-wash that suits your skin. Massage the face wash at least for 15 seconds in order to clean the face completely.

Step two- Face Pack

Use your favourite face pack. You should use face packs at least twice a week. This will make sure your skin is clear and healthy. Put on the face pack and let it dry on your face and neck for 15-20 minutes. Mean while you can carry on with your other stuff in the morning. I normally start my day with checking my mails, social media, etc. By the time I’m done, the face pack is ready to wash off.

Step three- Toner

Toners are the most important part of your skincare routine. Toners make sure your skin is tight and it also reduces the pores. Take a lil bit toner on a cotton pad and start rubbing it gently across your face.

Step four- Moisturiser

Use a moisturiser that suits your skin. There are tons of moisturisers out there in the market both from drugstores and high end brands. Moisturising your face is very very important as your skin needs some amount of moisture and hydration even though you have oily skin. So make sure you never skip your moisturiser. Buy a sunblock which is also moisturising in order to skip a step. Because both of them are really really important for your skin.

Step five- Lip balm

Use your favourite flavoured Lip Balm but make sure it have a minimum SPF of 20 in it.

And that’s it you guys. It will hardly take half and hour to complete this steps. Its the easiest routine you can follow. I’ve made a complete video on these steps so make sure you check my youtube channel . Also follow me on my social media to get updated with any further posts.