How to have that perfectly shaped brows? Well the answer is really very easy. You just have to keep in mind few things. Some people have got really beautiful brows. Lucky them right? Well even you can have those. Today in this blog I’m gonna break down few tricks and hacks on how we can have perfect brows. Some people never draw their eyebrows. They do the full face of makeup with no eyebrows and they look so so horrible. I’m sorry if you’re one of them, you know people notice. I’m not shaming anyone. Even I was one of you guys. But when I once realised it, I was so embarrassed haha! So let’s get started?

easy eyebrows tutorial
Me without eyebrows

Me with eyebrows

The two ways :-

There are mainly two ways to have the perfectly filled brows. First one is to help it grow naturally with a lot of care and home remedies. And secondly you can draw it with makeup which is like the fastest way lol. I’m going to share with you both ways.

The Remedies

  1. Aloevera Gel- Massage fresh aloevera gel on your eyebrows before going to bed. this will help in the growth.
  2. Castor oil- Caster oil is famous for growth of hairs. Apply it every time before you go to bed.
  3. Coconut oil- This one is like the mandatory oil in everyone’s home.

Some Recipes-

i) Mix vitamin E tablets along with olive oil and apply it to your brows twice a week. You will see results very soon.

ii) Mix castor oil along with tiny amount of onion juice and apply it once a week.

iii) Mix Aloevera juice with lil bit of castor oil and olive oil and apply it every 2nd day for three months.

Through Makeup

Makeup without proper eyebrows looks horribly dull. There are lots of products to enhance your eyebrows such as eyebrow pencil, eyebrow pomade, eyebrow shaper, eyebrow powder, etc.

I’ve a full detailed tutorial on my youtube channel. Watch it bellow-

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